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Web Development

Our web development company in the US produces custom web solutions for 7+ years
Web development is our core competency, and we have a longtime strategy to running with far-flung clients. If you need to create a website which flawlessly matches your business goals and possibilities, we perfectly fit to do it for you. Read more.
For each venture, we gather a committed team and put the client in the center of the development process. Whether you have a brief idea of future web app or an in-depth specification, we will apply the technical know-how and help you to bring it to life. You will be capable of see effects quickly and adjust your necessities on the go.

We start using Ruby on Rails in 2010 and it, in the end, became the predominant area of knowledge and the platform of preference. Besides, presenting Ruby on Rails development services our web engineers contribute to the platform to make it even better.

Why RoR?

We adore using RoR since it's the most flexible and versatile. However, the principal purpose why we adore it is that creating running code with Rails gives a developer a lot of fun and joy. Ruby on Rails allows developers to create packages the clients need. It places inappropriate things aside and at once brings the builder into business instances.

The maximum practical feature of RoR platform is its network. There are heaps of pleasant, keen and passionate specialists all over the international who contribute to it. The spirit of the community inspires and opens new horizons for web development.

What we use RoR for?

Ruby on Rails is an advanced tool. We use it to:

  • Start new undertakings. From a proof of the idea to a minimal viable product. The builders of our company in the US plunge into real tasks so that the client could see the initial working model of their utility in several days. The code continually stays flexible to hastily reply to converting necessities or new thoughts. The client can try a lot of factors figuring out what ideas work better. This way, they are able to focus on their vision and business goals.
  • Grow projects further. Our web development company in the US provides Ruby on Rails development services on an ongoing basis. RoR makes it possible to the engineers to come up with elegant answers while enforcing superior logic and complicated workflows. For most responsibilities, there are ready-to-use open source modules which can be built and maintained by Rails community so that builders use them and not reinvent the wheel.
  • Maintain the initiatives started by other teams. On occasion, project proprietors have to transfer their efforts from one software development company to some other. Because of code readability and maturity of testing frameworks, benefits of RoR shine in such conditions. A new skilled group can always take a code base and keep improving it.

Additionally, we find Ruby on Rails to be the proper choice for:

  • Mobile API development. Many mobile apps require web back-ends to save statistics, speak to other users, publish photos and so forth. Such back-ends are usually built with contemporary цуи technology, along with HTTP and JSON, available in Rails out-of-the-box.
  • Integration with third-party services. RoR is available when coping with outside APIs, managing charge gateways, accounting systems, and so forth. Many modern web services even offer RoR-based gems as a part of the software.

Even continuously tracking new promising systems, our company continue using tried and tested technology to remedy problems of the customers. We have a time-proven strategy of manufacturing and launching packages evolved in Java.

Why Java?

The sector of Java software development is one of the largest worlds within the IT industry. The set of its libraries and solutions covers almost each business sphere. Java is an efficient and proven software development platform that has been on the market for years, so any project proprietor can be assured that their venture will always be supported by a big community.

The World of Java

There are numerous areas in which Java has the upper hand.

  • Web development and company management structures. Suitable for processing difficult information structures, Java is a first-rate tool useful in building projects that have a set of objects tied collectively. It's commonly used with well-tried frameworks such as Spring and Play! in enterprise management systems.
  • Reactive programming with Scala. Reactive programming is a new wide-spread paradigm that permits to quick update state of objects in changing conditions. It is used to construct interactive user interfaces and real-time structures. Java streamlines reactive programming ideas with an assistance of special libraries and a complicated language Scala well matched with the rest of Java world.
  • Electronics systems that use Java Virtual Machine. Java utilization goes beyond the remit of traditional development areas due to the fact there are many hardware platforms designed to apply Java. Satellite hardware, medical equipment, and platforms dealing with far-flung gadgets - a lot of them have Java APIs. Once more, the reason for choosing this platform is to interact with software program engineers already familiar with the well-known programming language.

The best way to fully appreciate the java development services of our company in the US is to provide us with a challenge to settle.

To build a modern high-productive website, you need a great layout, responsive front-end, and stable back-end. And our US-based company has innovative designers and experienced engineers armed with a stack of validated technologies to achieve the best results.

In our company in US headquarters we build top quality websites of different kinds:

Business management. CRM systems, project management and time monitoring software, human resource management structures, enterprise analytic apps and paper flow automation tools.

  • Education. Learning and testing process automation, private assessment, college students database, interactive textbooks.
  • E-commerce. The online marketplace, auctions and buying websites. Price gateway integration, billing structures, multi-foreign money transactions, recurring payments, accounting and reporting equipment.
  • Marketing and advertising. Marketing automation tools, classified advertisements, affiliate and referral structures.
  • Healthcare. HIPAA-compliant structures for an ambulance, domestic care, skilled nursing facilities, assisted facilities.
  • Real estate. Gear targeting homeowners, consumers, and tenants, as well as systems pointed at sellers and agents.

And plenty of other business from different industries in the US and worldwide.

The Web and UI layout

Our software development company in the US is delivering particular web-optimized design solutions for businesses, corporations, small agencies, start-ups individual needs. We are exceptionally professional in developing web packages dealing with numerous business procedures in e-commerce, delivery, sport, education and other sectors.
Core processes and values
The client’s design thoughts are the top priority. After in-depth reviewing of all the alternatives, we pass them through the prism of the professional design practices. We deliver layouts, which are not only visually attractive but also intuitive, eye-catching and convenient to apply.
What we do
The layout team excels in all areas of web design:
  • UI design services. We create complex tailor-made user interfaces which might be scalable, bendy and compatible with specific browsers and systems.
  • UX layout. The designers from our company in the US focus on optimizing the site for an exciting and compelling use.
  • Data architecture. We are well-versed in structuring and organizing great amounts of diverse data into appropriate web views to make it smooth to look and comprehend complex statistics units.
First-Class Quality Assurance
Our company affords full-cycle quality assurance and testing services to ensure the truly first-class category of software that we supply to the clients. We have an in-house team of certified quality assurance engineers certified in diverse types of testing for the web and mobile solutions. While you hire the QA engineers from our company, you are taking gain of the established quality assurance testing, which includes developing particular, properly-structured test cases, testing plans and writing regular reviews about the results of testing.
Types of QA tests
The QA specialists can perform all-around trying out of your web programs, which include:
  • Computerized and manual checking out
  • Functional and regression testing
  • Load and stress trying out
  • Usability and compatibility testing

Testing tools and technology

Black-box and white-box testing, boundary value evaluation, equivalence classes - the QA group consider these not just as the expert terms, that is what we use in the everyday work. The engineers are well-versed in various tools such as Locust, Selenium, Cucumber, Calabash, Jenkins, Capybara, Jmeter, and many others. We have a large set of mobile devices which allows us to use benefits of checking out mobile apps development on real devices. So, our company is geared up to offer you a first-rate and comprehensive software quality assurance services.

Consulting and Audit

Being one of the leading IT companies in the US, we possess huge experience in custom development of all varieties of software for web structures. One of the unique abilities we acquired through many years practice is the potential to make an expert web development audit. Our agency can carry out a deep evaluation of the existing IT solutions, detect vulnerabilities and find ways to deal with problems.

How can we help?

In case you are looking for a professional tech assistance to take your website to the next level, or if you stuck with finishing the half-developed utility, our company is here to help. We will offer a fresh independent view on the current code base, device structure, overall performance, and safety issues. After carrying out an in-depth technical analysis of the assignment, we will put together a detailed report along with the expert tips on how to solve the detected issues and weaknesses. If you are interested in further development of the Internet site or application, consisting of adding new capability or a few hi-tech updates, we can additionally offer estimations and ideas on these matters as well.