Midas Touch

Like Midas with his golden touch, we convert brilliant ideas into gold. Midas Touch is a fast-growing app development company. We started as a small studio in 2010, and now we have a big team of 100+ software developers and app designers with hundreds happy customers all around the globe. We deliver unique business-driven digital products to our national and international clients. These products create ways to boost up the profits, optimize the workflow, and meet the goals you are targeting.

Fullscope Team

Our staff work as like a well-oiled machine strongly relying on collaboration and shared expertise. The close-knit interaction is the key to success. That is why we dedicate a full-scope team to every project:
  • Strategists and business analysts validate the app concept to ensure the project profitability. We create custom IT strategy to fit the concept and find the most appropriate solution for its realization.
  • Programmers build the architecture and write the code following client’s requirements.
  • UI designers create an intuitive, elegant and sophisticated user interface.
  • Personal project manager keeps informing customers about project development and ensures seamless communication between the team and the customer.
  • QA engineers test the program delivering first-class quality.

Our Values

We are IT geeks and enthusiasts, and we develop top-notch software solutions keeping in mind our corporate values:
  • Quality. We prioritize program’s quality and consider all the risks Carefully testing guarantees that the project will match business goals and present a long-lasting solution.
  • Progress. We are happy to be where we are now but never stop to move towards continuous improvement. We keep on learning the emerging technologies and latest trends, so our work is always on top.
  • Clients. From the day we sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement, and even earlier, from the day our clients share with us their ideas, we are loyal to them and keep their confidential data safe.