How Mobile App Developers Can Benefit Your Business

If you have any idea on how to add value to your business with mobile applications, now it is the time to reach that goal. Our team of professional app developers is ready to help.

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Are you looking for a website or a mobile app? We are a team of app developers based in the USA. Our custom app development company provides IT services to companies around the world. After years of experience, our developers have solid portfolio of realised projects for both large and small companies.

Our software company is packed with great developers, who really love their work.

The World of Mobile

The digital revolution has come and we are the first to take advantage of innovative technologies. About 90% of the people in the world have smartphones. By the end of 2018, more than a third of the world's population will own smartphones. Statistics show that phone usage has outpaced desktops and laptops, and cellphones have become the number one gadget for surfing the web and performing other everyday activities such as reading books, listening to music, or playing games. Smartphones offer many opportunities for entrepreneurs as a powerful tool for business growth and productivity.

We create successful apps

We can be proud of an efficient way to develop applications that separate us from the thousands of other app developers in the US. Our developers work closely with each customer and keep them informed about every step of the optimization process, from launch to release. Our trained specialists always strive for perfection - they plan, project, progress, manage, test, optimize and improve until they have the perfect result. The developers have an extensive portfolio of successful projects that are internationally recognized and bring great value to our owners.

Software created by a team of expert developers

Our IT company has a team of qualified developers and other experts in all possible areas of software development. Company has programmers on iOS and Android as well as developers, UX / UI designers, testers, quality assurance experts, project managers and marketing consultants to help you create the perfect custom software. These multiple skills enable our developers to create a variety of IT solutions for any industry. Our experience includes the development of smartphones and tablets Android, Windows Mobile, iPhone, iPad, iPod, and more. The developers also create web applications, web sites and optimize existing web solutions. App developers provide customized software development services for companies that want to differentiate themselves and increase profits.

Small Business app

According to the study, ordinary people can not exceed three meters at any time of the day. Mobile technology has truly become an integral part of our lives. We use them to manage our daily work, complete workflow tasks, talk with friends and relatives, surf the web, take pictures, journal, learn, play, study, create, buy, connect, watch movies, listen to music, publish video, surf the internet, monitor health and have a fun. Hard to believe, each one can now do it all with a single device in the pocket.

The power of Mobile

Not surprisingly, mobile applications are the most effective business tools in the modern world. Statistics show that in 2014 is the year when the smart phone finally won against the desktop. People no longer read newspaper advertisements or listen to radio ads. Google experts say most of the research requests come from portable devices, especially when it comes to local businesses. Even television advertising has lost its efficiency. In fact, almost 90% of people use their cell phones while watching TV. Today, m-commerce has become one of the most popular trends - small businesses and large companies around the world are optimizing their mobile sites and launching their own native applications. If your undertaking still has not moved, it's time to move to mobile applications.


Business App Characteristics

Native applications give you access to a new audience. Native applications are the apps designed for specific mobile operating systems, the most important being Android and iOS. Users download these applications from the App Store, install them on the phone, and add their icons in the menu or home screen. Remember, ordinary people can see your project on the screen of the smartphone or tablet more than 100 times a day. This means that your brand will subconsciously enter through a small icon on the screen. So you can be completely confident that they will not forget you and will turn to you instead of your competitors without an app.

Why is it important to go mobile?

The business function you've created for your app is no less important than the one you created to advertise to consumers who speak your business in real terms. That's why our software company places great emphasis on the user experience, creating web pages and mobile applications to be easy to use, visually appealing and fun. Our developers have created quality networks, tablets, and smartphone applications that users love.

  • Push notifications: you do not need expensive sms advertising and email marketing to keep in touch with your audience. Push notifications are small messages sent to your users through the app, giving them an updated look and understanding of any promotion or sale.
  • Global Positioning System (GPS): Local entrepreneurs use satellite navigation to increase the visibility of potential customers who can easily find any product or service in the neighborhood by simply enabling geolocation services on their handsets.
  • One-click conversation: You can place a small button in your app that allows your customer to get in touch with a simple touch without opening the phone app and dialing a long phone number.
  • Facebook integration: Take your customers easy access to your Facebook page with the Facebook icon integrated into your app - no doubt, few people now use Facebook.
  • Loyalty program: The mobile app offers great options for encouraging purchases and distribute unlimited coupons among the most loyal customers.
  • Recommended System: Looking for a way to increase your growth? Let your happy users share their wonderful experiences with their friends through the app by offering discounts or gifts.
  • Album: Show incredible photos of your activities and products and services. Make sure your photos look radiant on screens of all sizes.
  • Image sharing: Enables your users to send photos made to your store or product and share their incredible experience with others - a great opportunity for your customers to contribute to your content.
  • Twitter integration: Place a Twitter icon to make it easy to access your Twitter account. This is a quick and easy way to develop your social media audience.
  • Blogging: There is no doubt that you have a blog that keeps your customers up to date with news and sharing interesting content. Make it more useful by incorporating the RSS feed of your blog into your app.
  • Linkedin Share: All B2B companies should have. Add a LinkedIn profile that points directly to your business in your app.
  • Event Calendar: Tell your customers about upcoming events. This feature will surely become one of your favorites.
  • Music Player: A great feature for clubs, venues, and music bands. Build a custom music player and upload favorite playlists or import iTunes library.
  • ITunes integration: A great opportunity to share your music by playing at a venue or event. Your iTunes library will be imported into your program.
  • YouTube integration: Play the video on your company's YouTube channel and keep your customers up to date.
  • Guestbook: Create a special wall for your clients, leave your opinions, suggestions and comments and share your experiences with each other. You can comment the comment online.
  • Photo sharing: Show photos and photos of your products in beautiful galleries imported from your photo album on Pinterest, Flickr, Picasa or other services.
  • Email Marketing Platform: Import user data for all registered customers into the email marketing tool you need. As a result, you can easily send promo emails to each customer.
  • Tipping Calculator: This simple tool is useful for restaurants and other companies in the service industry. This helps customers quickly calculate the amount of tips - after a taxi or a few beers in a bar.
  • Booking system: Make it easy for your customers to book tables in the restaurant or in the movie theater while traveling.
  • Integration of the e-commerce platform: If you sell your products online using an e-commerce platform, you can display them in your app and allow your customers to buy and store items in a mobile shopping cart.
  • In-App: Do you want to increase the profit? Just place an ad banner in your product and get revenue from every click.

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