Develop iOS Apps on Windows

How to develop iOS app on Windows? The answer is ... you can’t do that! But there are many options to solve this problem.

The Core of the Problem

The problem will be Xcode, Xcode includes the Swift compiler, the Interface Builder, and the program that merges your application to the App Store. Xcode contains everything you want to build an app for iOS, it can also run on a Mac.

This is the starting point of the problem. You want to develop iOS apps on Windows. However, you can not put any PC or laptop with OS X on it. Whenever you obtain a license to use macOS, you must accept operating system execution only on Apple hardware. This effectively limits your ability to develop programs on the Mac.

Rent a Mac in the Cloud

An easier way to get your OS X is to rent a Mac from the cloud.

The idea is simple:

  • Another person has many iOS devices and has joined his line
  • You use Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) to register on some of your Macs
  • Finished! You can develop iOS apps on your Windows PC from anywhere!

Services like MacinCloud and MacStadium offer cheap rental items that are usually paid monthly. Prices usually start at $ 20 a month and you can choose from several hardware alternatives, including Mini or Professional.

Your link to all these windows has a remote inventory desktop client that you can use to run multiple Linux systems. Once logged in, you can enter Xcode and start developing the program.

Types of Cloud-Based Macs

A promised Mac then you access some physical Macs in the data center because you bought a Mac from the Apple Store and put it on your desktop.

  • A virtual Mac usually means that you are using OS X in your data center, as well as the VirtualBox solution mentioned earlier that day. Your Mac can’t run using Apple hardware. However, it will run the Apple OS.
  • Mac Build Server, will be used to market iOS programs. You will develop apps on the community PC and instruct the build server to maximize the plan to automatically get your personal information.
  • Mac Build Server is suitable for corporate software or multiplayer teams. Developing a server is very useful for a continuous integration (CI), however, if you're just trying to develop a program on Windows, it's more than just a practical solution.

Having a Mac in the cloud has one major drawback: you can not add your physical iPhone to Xcode. With Xcode, if you use the USB cable entry for lightning, you can run and debug the app entirely on your phone.


Develop iOS Apps on Windows Using Cross-Platform Tools

The cross-platform tools are amazing: you only have to write the app once and export it to iOS and Android. This can reduce the costs and the development time of the program. Multiple schedules between platforms allow iOS apps to be created on Windows or, if a Mac is present on the community network, the program can be compiled.

The cross-platform application ecosystem is huge. On the other hand, you have the entire integrated development environment (IDE), such as Xamarin, which allows you to develop cross-platform apps using C #.

The middle layer is coated with tools like Cordova, Ionic, PhoneGap, Appcelerator, and React Native, which allows native apps to be published with JavaScript wrappers.

The highlight of all cross-platform tools is that they are not suitable for beginners. Finding access to the Apple computer is much easier than using Xamarin, getting to know Swift and building a very simple program.

Most cross-platform tools require you to have a basic understanding of iOS compilation, programming options, and ecosystem and Android ecosystem.

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