Development Cases



Targeting rugby fans, our development team built an application that enables them to interact with each other creating their own community. The program lets users watch games, leave comments, vote for the favorite team or rugby players, share opinions on match events. The iOS application provides users opportunities to interact with people who share the same interests. Engaging and interactive interface and video-streaming functionality ensure energetic atmosphere and active spirit. Besides, every team has its own profile with history, athletes information and other club details.


Safe Pill

A medicine application for iOS platform was a task of our pharmaceutical business partner. The idea of the program is to assist people in recognizing and utilizing over-the-counter drugs for mild ailments. The program is integrated with an extensive and regularly updated database of available drugs. It helps users to enter the symptoms and based on them to find the most appropriate medicine. Besides, it helps users to find the nearest pharmaceutical center where to buy the required medicine.


Season Keyboard

One of our projects was concentrated around our design skills. Our client approached us to build animated text keyboard for Android devices. They keyboard was supposed to be a clone of the existing iOS one customized for Android platform. The project included the opportunity to change the text fonts, the color of the text message and the background, ability to add animation and visual elements. It consists of four step: typing the text, choosing the font, selecting the background color, applying the animation.



Once we collaborated with clothing chain for youngsters with a purpose to create a user experience that would enhance relationships with customers. The application we built presents a loyalty program with a custom discount system that depends on the user’s purchases. The program replaces cards system and provides users with individual QR codes that collect the common sum of purchases after being scanned. Besides, the app also has scanning functionality providing users with the information about the piece of clothes they like.



A healthcare organization approached our team to build a useful mobile application that can always reach its users and remind them about their doctor’s prescriptions and medicines. Mobile phones have already become a critical part of our lives, and they follow us everywhere, that is why entrepreneurial healthcare workers decided to create a mobile application that will always be to remind about the necessity to take pills on time. Users just need to create their pill schedule, and the app will notify them about it with a vibration system, push notifications and sound alarm according to users’ settings.



We also have experience of work on the financial application for Android devices including smartphones and tablets. The program assists users in tracking their income and expenses and planning their budget, bill payment, etc. The program helps to manage users’ finance in a more efficient way improving practices of budgeting of the personal finance. We ensured safe and secure experience and enabled the program to provide daily, monthly and annual reports in a convenient chart manner.