Software Developer, US

Software developers in the US are the creative minds behind the programs. Some develop apps that allow people performing specific tasks on a mobile phone, computer or other device. Others create underlying systems that run devices or control networks.

Software Developer Responsibilities

Software developers often do the following:

  • Analyze user needs, then design, test, and build software to meet the requirements
  • Design each part of the app or system and plan how these parts work together
  • Recommend software updates to existing client programs and systems
  • Build multiple diagrams (such as flowcharts) and templates to show programmers the code they need for the application
  • Make sure that the program continues to function normally through maintenance and software testing.
  • Document all aspects of the application or system as a reference for future maintenance and upgrades
  • Work with other design and development specialists to create the best product

The software developer is responsible for the entire process of developing the program.

How the Developers Work


They can first ask the customer how they plan to use the software. They must identify the core functionality required by the user of the program. Software developers in the US should also identify user requirements that are not related to functionality, such as security levels and performance requirements. They design the program and then issue instructions to the programmer who writes the computer code and forehead.

If the program doesn't work as expected or if the tester finds it too difficult to use, the specialist will return to the design to solve the problem or improve the program. Once the program is released to the client, the developer can perform the upgrade and maintenance.

Developers in the US generally work closely with computer programmers. However, in some agencies, developers write their own code instead of issuing instructions to the programmer.


Types of Developers

Specialists who plan projects from the planning stage through to the implementation process are sometimes called information technology (IT) project managers. This team monitors the progress of the project to ensure compliance with standards, deadlines, and cost targets. The IT project manager who plans and directs the IT department or IT strategy of the organization is included in the information system and computer administrator configuration file.

The following are examples of software developers:

  • Application developers design computer applications for consumers, such as word processors and games. They can create custom systems for specific customers or sell commercial software to the public. Some application developers create complex databases for organizations and also create programs that people use on the Internet and on the internal network of the company.
  • The system developer creates a system that keeps the computer running. These can be the operating system of a computer purchased by the public or a system created specifically for the organization. Typically, such specialists also create a system interface that allows users to interact with the computer. These specialists have created operating systems that control most of today's consumer electronics products, including those used in cell phones and automobiles.

The Important Qualities of Software Developers

  • Analytical ability - should analyze user needs and design software to meet those needs.
  • Communication skills - should be able to provide clear instructions to other people working on the project. They should also explain to the customer how the software works and answer any questions that arise.
  • Pay attention to the details. Developers often work on many parts of an app at the same time, so they should be able to focus and pay attention to details.
  • Interpersonal skills. Software developers should be able to work with others who take part in the design, development and programming of successful software.
  • The ability to solve problems. Because developers are responsible for the software from start to finish, they must be able to solve the problems that arise throughout the process.

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