Software Development Company: Advanced Technologies for Your Business

We are a software development company and consultancy team based in the US that serves representatives of small and big businesses in the US and worldwide. Since 2008, we have been creating customized software for various industries using high-end programming languages and multi-technology tools such as .Net, Java. Our experience with previous projects has helped us to improve our skills and extend knowledge in IT and beyond. We build, design, and implement a digital tool to create new possibilities for your business and meet the needs of your company with flexible Scrum programm development methods. The goal of our company is to provide excellent quality and efficiency in the products we manufacture.

In short, with us, you know:

  • A highly qualified personnel
  • Reliable partners
  • Flexible solution for your business

The experience and professionalism of each member of the company allow us to build versatile and progressive software for PCs and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets using the Edge Cutting Toolset. Knowledge helps us turn the strategy into a software tool that improves business performance.


Professional software designers use Java technologies and standards to deploy a broad range of scalable and highly available systems, including client-side servers, web-based solutions, cloud, mobile devices, and enterprise systems. Java is considered an agile, cost-effective, cross-platform technology solution that improves business excellence. Java development specialists help you improve the quality of service delivery, automate day-to-day operations, accelerate business processes, and reduce costs by optimizing resource usage.


ASP.NET developers who have five years of experience are involved in the most complex projects. Using this framework, the experts from our company create dynamic web pages for websites, web services, and applications. If you need to automate, streamline and optimize your business processes, the software engineers from our company will help you achieve it. Unlike ASP, ASP.NET code runs faster, reducing the number of bugs in the development process.


PHP is an open source technology that allows the development team to build web solutions that help save time, improve business practices, achieve high performance, and increase productivity. It is one of the broadest technologies in the Internet development industry that simplifies the deployment of scalable, secure, mission-critical network solutions.


The main advantage of this tool for HTML5 developers to offer mobile web solutions is that it works for any device. Regardless of size and resolution, an encoded program looks great on any screen. In addition, unlike any other Web program, the HTML5 storage database allows you to use it offline. The development specialists have mastered this cutting-edge technology and are ready to create an excellent software tool for you.


As one of the most reliable and unforgivable platforms, it is widely used all over the world. The iOS development team assist you meeting all Apple restrictions on reaching your target audience. With all the advertising and promotion opportunities for Apple products (iPhone and iPad), you can enhance your customer experience and service standards. We provide innovative solutions of high quality and efficiency and provide an easy-to-use interface to boost your business.


The Android operating system occupies most of the smartphone market. The Android development team takes advantage of this platform and all of Google to create native programs. With development on this platform and you have an opportunity to cover this huge market. We create powerful, highly available programs and focus on your design. User interface complies with the latest Google guides and run on any Android device, from Samsung to Sony.

This is only part of the technology used by the software engineers. We also provide Windows development services and we use ActionScript, CSS, Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Flash, and many others.


Industries We Work for

We have successfully delivered more than 200 software development cases and implemented various technologies for different industries:

  • Finance. This dynamic area needs tools to deal with evolving standards, manage operational risk, stay in a competitive market, and more. Our company creates perfect software to ameliorate your internal workflow in the most effective way.
  • Health care. The technology dramatically simplifies many operations and helps healthcare professionals get better patient support and optimal health care. We help you achieve better results with our skills and knowledge. If you want to build a health monitoring app or a medical record that allows you to book a medical record, we are here to help.
  • Travel and hospitality. What impact today's technology has on the travel and hospitality industries is hard to come by. People can now find applications for all travel-related services. Whether you are a restaurant or a hotel, our company offers a simple, real-time, secure system with the online booking system that enables you to manage sales and orders, communicate with employees, leave feedback or optimize applications, and focus on Internal Operation .
  • Education. Information technology offers creative and innovative opportunities in education to improve the learning process. With management software, we can create better facilities and gain global knowledge. We can provide sustainable, highly scalable, and reliable solutions to overcome the difficulties associated with maximizing the training experience, such as lack of mobility and collaboration between students and educators.
  • E-commerce. A fast-growing affiliate uses the Internet as a distribution channel for goods and services sales and requires some knowledge of IT and e-commerce. Our company can provide your business with a secure, easy-to-use and efficient web development technology software solution that will help you develop and better manage your company.

These are just some of the industries we work for. Come to our project and we will help you to develop your ideas and make them come true.


Software development services

As a professional software development company, we rely on a professional staff who accompany your project from a thought stage to a bespoke workflow software tool:

  • From the project manager to help you determine the basic functionality of the app.
  • Experienced developers and creative designers dedicated to the app MVP and the final version of the program.
  • The Quality Assurance department is responsible for conducting various UI / UX and QA tests to verify that your software tools are working properly and meet all of your requirements.
  • We create custom software to help you manage your company, improve your workflow, reduce errors, and increase productivity. The key features of custom software products are tailored to your needs. The software we create is not a necessary tool for internal management and optimization processes, it's an app that connects you to the target audience, retains it and rewards you as a loyal customer.

Web-based app

We use the Web to take the opportunity to effectively participate in Web-based development. Remote servers allow app manufacturers to implement very complex functions, including database sampling, complex calculations, and access to real-time statistics. These and many other features are commonly used in so-called business applications that give employees, superiors, and customers real-time access to the tools to run their business.

Mobile app

Native applications, platform-specific software, can be downloaded from different app stores. With native applications, you can easily reach the target audience and put yourself in the pockets of your customers. They provide users with a responsive experience, a wide range of capabilities and mobility. We can take full advantage of our operating system for application development, and if you want to build an app for all your customers, we can do it cross-platform. Of course, this requires more time and money because it means that the app must be tested on all devices running the required operating system.


How we design outstanding products

The process of app development requires advanced knowledge and experience. We can help you deal with it. From the beginning to the optimization of your project. For us, it doesn’t matter if you are a start-up or a large and well-established company and we value all of our customers. We help you expand your business model and choose the right architecture and infrastructure for software that fits your needs.

Determine the main function

As you or your company representative comes to us, we bring together development teams led by project managers and software architects who will discuss with you. The purpose of this research is to determine which problems you want to solve and which ones can help you. A thorough understanding of the issues you face helps us choose the most effective way to deal with it. Here, we identify your business goals, the main goals of the software tools and the features it should have. We have also studied this issue and provided some advice based on our experience.


As long as we have identified all the features required for your software app, we have created your wireframe, a minimally feasible product. This is a main job app. We've tested it to make sure it meets your requirements and works the way you want it to. We are committed to designing it to be intuitive and attractive. We suggest your comments repeatedly until you are completely satisfied.

Test and release

Our quality assurance team helps you rework expensive, confirm project quality and ensure compliance. We perform UI / UX tests to make your app interface easy to use and engaging. If necessary, we will make improvements and repeat the test to eliminate any errors. We then deploy the additional functionality you want and test again. Once the product is ready, we will help you get started. Its launch is not the end of our collaboration, we continue with app assessments, analyze user feedback, and discover new ways to improve.

Contact Us

By approaching to us, you'll find that development team combines reasonable pricing, code quality, and security to build applications that work for you and your company. We focus on design and ensure that it meets your company's requirements to guarantee that the end product meets your needs. We value our relationships with the customers and provide a custom approach to each development case. You can always count on professional technical support and expert advice. We look forward to your thoughts and discussions, and we'll be happy to hear from you.